What are Sub IDs?

Sub IDs are parameters available for publishers to store tracking information, especially non-unique values. Publishers can use returned tracking information to analyze what leads to more conversions and optimize the performance.

How to use Sub IDs?

Sub IDs should be appended to ACCESSTRADE affiliate links.

For example: 

1. Track which site or page leads to conversions


2. Track which kind of affiliate link leads to conversions


"utm_source=xxx" and "utm_medium=xxx" here are Sub IDs. The values of Sub IDs will be stored when affiliate links are clicked and will be returned in conversion report or postback.

How to set Sub IDs in publisher dashboard?

Sub IDs can be appended to affiliate links of custom creatives.


2. Input "Landing URL" and "Creative Name".

3. Input "Sub IDs". Sub ID values should be URL-encoded and less than 2048 standard alphanumeric characters.

4. Click "Generate" button.

Then an affiliate link with Sub IDs appended will be generated.

Default Sub IDs can be set for every site so that you don't need to input same Sub IDs every time when you generate custom creatives.


2. Click "Sites".

3. Click "Sub IDs" of the site you want to set.

4. Click "Edit" button.

5. Input "Sub IDs".

6. Click "Update" button.

Then the default Sub IDs will be loaded automatically on "CUSTOM CREATIVES" page like below.