Publisher dashboard

  1. Improved notification
    • Added new style "POPUP" that can show notification as popup in publisher dashboard
    • Added new audience "SPECIFIED PUBLISHERS" that can show notifications to specified publishers only in publisher dashboard
    • About how to set it, please check the details here.

2. Improved product feed API to serve CSV file with size up to 1 GB

     3. Improved campaign detailed page link that can redirect publishers to specified tab directly

Click Tracker

  1. Added the support of new macro below. Will replace them with the real values if they are added to the affiliate link / banner / text creative / custom creative landing page URL.

      - {publisher_site_name}: publisher name 

      - {publisher_site_url}: publisher site URL

      - {click_referer_url}: click http header referer URL (the URL where the click occurred)


  1. Improved the logic of payment invoice so that there will be no problem occurred for the case below
    • even we do not finish all operations of a payment in the same month
    • even we do the payments to different publishers on different days in the same month
    • even we do the payments to the same publishers multiple times on the same day
  2. Improved exchange rate setting function to prevent editing the exchange rate of current month or before
  3. Removed bank account setting function from isTools publisher account edit page and please do it in publisher dashboard if necessary.
  4. Added the validation of item `count` number to "register conversion" function to prevent inputting mistake
  5. Added the validation that commission rate and reward rate should be less than 100% to prevent inputting mistake
  6. Added the support of creating affiliations between multiple publishers and multiple campaigns at once.


  1. Internal API to generate "RK" value 

 2. Internal API to generate merchant account and campaign