CJ Integration

  1. Integrated with CJ API to get CJ PID automatically for ACCESSTRADE publishers. Can integrate with CJ campaigns without using reserved CJ PID now.

Publisher dashboard

  1. Added the support of inputting UTM, TARGET, OPT parameters when generating custom creative. UTM, TARGET, OPT parameter values will be used for the analysis by AI optimizer.
  2. Show all referees with account status inactive/active on referee performance report page.


  1. Fixed the bug that can not update the custom link rule settings.
  2. Improved the validation on conversion rank update page to prevent from inputting wrong ranks when updating the conversions, for example rank 100 which is for global publishers only.
  3. Added new search option "global publisher" to the publisher account & site list page in isTools. It will show up when "country" is selected as Singapore.
    1. If global publisher is "unspecified", all publishers registered in SG will show up.
    2. If global publisher is "yes", only global publishers registered in SG will show up.
    3. If global publisher is "no", only SG local publisher (who is NOT set to global publisher) will show up.