Use case:

- Example: you're from VN and a global campaign from MY.

- You're a local interspace staff and going to integrate with a global campaign of Malaysia Interspace campaign (global campaign).

- When you do this integration that means you're affiliating with Malaysia campaign as a Big publisher in Malaysia interspace.

- Our system will create a campaign base on global campaign from MY interspace system to VN interspace system, we call them "clone campaigns".

- The publishers in the VN interspace will affiliate with clone campaign in VN system.


- Create a click link from the clone campaign: 

    I - There is no difference with the normal campaign, get from publisher dashboard or Istools dashboard.

         Click URL will have the format like this:

         Notice: Adding param `atsemr=1` to the link to prevent replacing the encoded 1-time macro value.

    II - In the case, you want to set the target merchant landing page you'll need to these steps:


            - VN click link:

            - MY click link redirects from VN click server:                    rk=00yyyyyyyyy001&clickid={clickid}

            - Target Merchant landing page:{clickid}


            1. URL encode [Final Merchant landing page ] one time: {clickid} ->

            2. Set target redirect for My click link by adding `url`  param:

  Final MY click link:{clickid}&

            3. Final to integrate with VN click link you need to encode [Final MY click link] one time before adding  `url`  param to [VN click link].

Encoded [Final MY click link] =

            4. Don't forget to add param `atsemr=1` to the link to prevent replacing the encoded 1-time macro value.

            5. Then the final click link for VN will be: [VN click link]&atsemr=1&url=Encoded [Final MY click                  link]