You're a local interspace staff and want to integrate with another Interspace campaign in another country. 

For example, you are a staff of Interspace Thailand and you want to bring a campaign from Malaysia to Thailand system then Thailand publisher can affiliate and promote in their site.

When you do this integration that means you're affiliating with Malaysia campaign as a Big publisher in Malaysia interspace (Big publisher name: Thailand Interspace).

Our system will create a campaign base on the campaign from MY interspace system to Thailand Interspace system, we call them "campaign integrated from ACCESSTRADE in other countries".

The publishers in the Thailand Interspace will affiliate with integrated campaign in Thailand system.

How to create a click link from the integrated campaign?

We are having some existing campaigns this so I would like to introduce how to create click link only.

I assume that TH staff already know well about the business operation. 


  - You already created a campaign in the TH system that will use for integration with MY campaign.

  - Edit and set campaign with correct information:

    1. Under [Merchant Campaign] choose [Merchant Campaign List]

    2. Put target campaign no into [Campaign No] text area.

    3. Click [Setting] arrow

    4. Click [edit]


    5. Scroll down to bottom, check to the [is a campaign integrated from ACCESSTRADE in other countries] 

    6. Choose the correct target country that you integrated with in [Integrated country code]

    7. Fill in text the correct campaign number of MY that you want to integrate with

- Setting custom link rule:

    1. Under [Merchant Campaign] choose [Merchant Campaign List]

    2. Put target campaign no into [Campaign No] text area.

    3. Click [Setting] arrow and click [Banners]

    4. Go to the banner page then click search to show list banner options.

    5. Open the [Custom Link] menu if it is enable then enable it first.

    6. Click [Rules setting]

     7. Edit the link rule like this:

  Add 3rd party tracking URL:  is to  MY click link

[&url=] should be appended in the last of the MY click link.

How to get MY click link?

-> Log in to MY publisher dashboard by your TH Interspace publisher account in MY system.

Add LP URL parameters:  Is optional.

Enter URL encoding time(s)  should be set to 2.

I Get click url?

In the case of don't want to customize target landing page URL then there is no difference with the normal campaign when getting click URL of the integrated campaign from the publisher dashboard or Istools dashboard. 

the format click id will be depended on the country domain

for TH example: 

II Customize the target merchant landing page:


  - TH click link: that you get from istools.  

  - MY click link redirects from TH click server:{clickid}

  - Target Merchant landing page:{clickid}



  1. URL encode [Target Merchant landing page] one time:{clickid} ->

  2. Set target landing page for My click link by adding [url] param:

  Final MY click link:{clickid}&

  3. Final to integrate with TH click link you need to encode [Final MY click link] one time before adding  [url]  param to [TH click link].

Encoded [Final MY click link] =


Then the final click link for TH will be: [TH click link]&url=Encoded [Final MY click link]