Merchant dashboard (ID/MY/SG)

  1. Use different google tag manager tags in production and other environments. 


  1. Show both number of "rows" and number of "conversions" in the summary of conversion report in isTools.
  2. Increased the max length of notification description to 4000 bytes in isTools.
  3. Can change status from "claim" to "Under Processing" on payment info page in isTools.
  4. When registering conversions by CSV file in isTools
    1. `PRODUCT_UNIT_PRICE` can be empty if reward type is set to `Fix amount` in the CSV file.
    2. Validate conversions with duplicated `verify`
  5. Deleted the function of ignoring duplicated clicks on campaign setting page in isTools. All clicks will be counted.
  6. Added publisher account currency
    1. added currency to publisher invoice downloaded in isTools.
    2. added to payment info page in isTools. When publisher country is SG, can select and search payments by currency in USD or SGD.
  7. Restricted the max cookie duration to be equal or less than 365 days on campaign setting page in isTools.
  8. Validate the referee and referrer accounts before registration on "create referee" page in isTools.

Publisher dashboard

  1. Validate if the website URL is accessible on publisher sign up page.
  2. Validate if the email is an alias address on publisher sign up page.
  3. Added currency display to publisher invoice downloaded in publisher dashboard.
  4. If postback to the publisher site is enabled, add "Postback Status", "Postback Error Count", "Postback Time", "Postback URL" to conversion report downloaded in publisher dashboard. Publishers can confirm postback in conversion report by themselves.