- We're facing the problem that some of our affiliated link URLs can not be redirected properly in Tiktok app browser.

   - Make the Tiktok app get freeze.

   - The reason for this is in the redirect URL contains some of special character which make the Tiktok app get freeze.


- We build a new click tracking endpoint name: internal_cl.php in order to change the special characters to normal characters by encoding.


 - Compare with normal adv.php endpoint, only the "url" parrameter in the adv.php endpoint will be different.

 - So when you convert the link from adv.php to the internal_cl.php, take the url parameter value to encode base 64 then encode URL the encode base 64 value and rename "url" to "url_enc" other parameters keep as they are.

adv.php endpoint:

Convert to internal_cl.php
url_enc = encodeUrl(encodeBase64(url))
url_enc = encodeUrl(encodeBase64(""))